Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How much does it cost to Go solar? 

    A. It does not cost anything to switch to solar. No out of pocket cost to you. 


2. Q. How long do the panels last? 

    A. Panels last anywhere from 25 to 50 years. 


3. Q. How long is the warranty? 

    A. Our warranty is backed by a 25 year guarantee. 


4. Q. Do you offer PPA or Purchase? 

    A. We offer both Lease and Purchase. The best option is always to Own your power and not Rent.


5. Q. What  type of panels do you have?

    A. We are brokers so we have access to different types of panels that would suit our clientts' needs.

6. Q. How do I qualify for the ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET-COST Program?

    A. To qualify, you must be a homeowner, your power bill is over $80, and a credit score of 650 or better. In some instances, we have other financing available for credit scores as low as 590


7. Q. I've heard that there is a lien to my home if I install solar panels on my roof?

    A. That is not correct. There is no lien on your home if it is a financed or cash option. The finance company has no interest in filing a lien against your home. They just have a UCC filing on the panels and equipment that they financed.

8. Q. What if I move? Can I take the panels with me?

    A. The best way to do it is to price your home with the added value of the panels. Or, the new homeowners can just assume the loan and take over the remaining payments.

9. Q. How much more can I sell my house for if I want to sell it in a few years? 

    A. A solar system on your home is a home improvement. Much like a kitchen renovation or an added pool, putting solar on your home is so much better in terms of ROI. Ask a savvy realtor to sell your home or hire an appraiser to evaluate the value of your home. The average added value to your home is about $3.75 to $4.2 per watt.

10. Q. My HOA will probably not let me install solar on my home.

      A. Homeowners have solar rights when it comes to installing solar in your property. We will take care of permitting and this includes HOA permissions.